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Thursday, November 27, 2014

69 Buddies

Who Was Your First Gay Crush?

My first gay crush was Kurt Russell in "Overboard!"

He first caught my eye in "Big Trouble in Little China," and my habit of seeing every movie in the mid 80's led me to a matinee screening of Kurt, and his white tank top.

The way he tucked his thumbs under his shirt drove me wild.
I was 13. 

And I've had a thing for thick, burly, meaty, hairy men ever since. There was a guy in my high school who looked a lot like him, who I ogled for 4 years while trying to not be obvious about it.

Anyway, I try to play down this first crush due to his mullet. Hey, I wasn't looking at what was on his head! But I feel no embarrassment - he still looks great! I do, however, balk at admitting I went to see him in "Soldier" many years later. What a void of everything, brain-dead, non-movie that was.

Is it ironic that the first nude woman I saw in a movie was HBO's "Wildcats" - with Goldie Hawn in the bathtub? No, probably not.

So, Kurt Russell in a movie is definitely a PLUS, even though I never cared for those Snake Plissken flicks.
I think I ought to check out his 70's Disney work, eh?

Keith - Philadelphia, PA