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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Perversions, Masturbation and Monosexuality-3

An other objection is the monotony of monosexuality: more of the same. An objection of people lacking in imagination. In the first place there are several ways of doing it: with the hand, by rubbing, and some people are capable of licking or sucking themselves. You can do it lying down, standing up, sitting down, under blankets, in the shower, in the forest, the bus, the elevator, in the heat or while freezing cold. A video or magazine can get things started. Some men tie or hang themselves up or put on clothes that excite them. But the most important instrument is the imagination. A beautiful dream is the beginning and highpoint of much palm-driving.

Illusions know more variations than cold reality. In the imagination things can happen you wouldn`t necessarily want to experience in reality, like murder, abuse, slavery. Masturbation is far from monotonous unless you see it as a mechanical act and not as a hedonistic pleasure.
The most important literature about monosexuality is historical and doesn`t deal with the delights of masturbation, but is about the sad history of the belief that the effects of onanism can be disastrous.

These days the theme is mainly that it`s not unhealthy or sinful at all. According to some sex pedagogues it`s an educational experience which prepares one for later twosomes. But why would it be better or more fun together than by yourself? Self-gratification has for two centuries been abused and denounced. All the attempts to turn evil into good didn`t help to give this lonely pleasure the mature status it deserves.

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