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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Top 20 MEXILE's Best Posts Ever (12-20))
(Rue McClanahan Tribute)

Rue McClanahan, who died June 3, 2010, at the age of 76, played one of the most quotable characters of the past 30 years on "The Golden Girls." Blanche Devereaux was never, ever afraid to say what was on her mind -- which was usually preoccupied with sex. Here are some of our favorite Blanche lines, with an assist from Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Rose (Betty White) and Sophia (Estelle Getty).

Blanche: He is so sophisticated and charming and rich and handsome. He fairly screams Blanche. At least, he will when I'm through with him.

Blanche: There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. I know. My toe has been on that line.( LOL )

Blanche: Oh I do love the rain so.
it reminds me of my first kiss.
Dorothy: Ahh you're first kiss was in the rain.
Blanche: was in the shower.

Rose: You know, I've been thinking...
Blanche: Oh, that would explain the beads of sweat.

Rose: Blanche, what's a metaphor?
Blanche: It's when you use a phrase to mean something else. Like when I say "Men are blinded by my beauty". They're not really blinded. They get their sight back in a day or two!

People always ask me if I'm like Blanche.
And I say "Well Blanche was an oversexed,
self involved man-crazy , vain Southern
belle from Atlanta...and I'm not from Atlanta"

Blanche: “I can’t take it back. I payed in advance.
Dorothy: “Can’t you get a refund?”
Blanche: "Well, no. I payed with nature’s credit card.”

Sophia: Jean thinks she's in love with Rose.
Blanche: Rose? Jean has the hots for Rose? I don't believe it! I do not believe it!
Dorothy: I was pretty surprised myself.
Blanche: Well, I bet! To think Jean would prefer Rose over me, that's ridiculous!

Blanche: You know what I hate doing most after a party?
Rose: Trying to find your underwear in the big pile?

“Sophia, by placing this pearl necklace between my bosoms, does it make me look like I’m a sex-starved slut who is in need of a man to bed? [Sophia says yes.] Good, then pearl it is.” (love it LOL)

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