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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eterno Mundo Gay


Speculation over Leonardo da Vinci's sexuality began when he was 24 years old after his arrest on charges of sodomy, a serious crime in 15th century Florence. No witnesses appeared to support allegations da Vinci had sexual relations with a seventeen-year-old male model, thus the charges were dropped.

Although allegations of Leonardo da Vinci's homosexuality were never substantiated, rumors continued to circulate among those who analyzed his depiction of young boys in his paintings, his portrayal of an effeminate John in The Last Supper, and the fact that he had several young male proteges and no wife and kids.

El primer pais latinoamericano donde dos hombres se pueden casar fue Argentina y los primeros hombres en casarse fueron Cesar Cigliutti y Marcelo Suntheim que se casaron el 18 de junio del 2003.

Mas recientemente se les han unido Mexico y Colombia , otros paises del mundo que fueron los primeros son ; Holanda , Suecia , Dinamarca , Inglatera , España y Canada.

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